About NanoAlb

NanoAlb, is the Albanian NanoScience and Nanotechnology Unit created next to the Academy of Sciences of Albania.

NanoAlb is a virtual center that coordinates the activities in the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology in Albanian universities in Albania, Kosova, North Macedonia and Montenegro

The objectives of NanoAlb is to strengthen the Research and development (R&D) activities at this area, enhance the collaboration and synergies between the various research groups and industries. In addition to the R &D activities NanoAlb, through its academic program, will offer master courses in the area of nanotechnology and its application in health (both diagnostics and therapies) & pharmaceutical industry, environment, food and agriculture, safety and security. Dissemination of knowledge & achievemnets to the society and education activities with interest for future young generation of scientists (secondary school students etc.) also are objectives of NanoAlb.